Mitra Stania Prima Supports Gradual Tin Downstream

JAKARTA – PT Mitra Stania Prima (MSP), one of the tin companies that are included in the Indonesian Tin Exporters Association (AETI) supports AETI’s stance by stating its support for the gradual downstreaming of tin.

PT MSP Inter-Agency Director, Harwendro Adityo Dewanto, said the government should take several steps to tin producers so that downstreaming can be realized as planned. PT MSP is a subsidiary of Arsari Tambang located in the Bangka Belitung Islands Province.

“We are of the view that the government needs to provide an affordable period of time for pure tin ingots (tin ingots) so that the downstream transition can run well, thereby minimizing the “threats” that will occur,” said the man who is familiarly called Didit, in his statement, Tuesday 11 October.

“For this reason, it is necessary to study downstream profitability, considering that domestic tin consumption is still small and a number of downstream products also have an expiration date, such as Tin Paste and Tin Chemical,” he added.

Didit hopes that tin ingot export activities can still run in accordance with government regulations that have been in effect until the formation of a domestic demand market that can accommodate national production.

“We also hope that in the future the government can also formulate policies that can encourage the mineral downstream strategy, through providing incentives to business actors, in the form of fiscal, financial, infrastructure, and others,” he hoped.

In addition, said Didit, imports of solder and other tin products should be stopped when downstream is carried out to maximize domestic tin absorption.

According to him, if you want to downstream tin, tin chemical has a large potential for state revenue in the future. Therefore, said Didit, the government should make regulations that support the process and so that it is carried out by domestic companies.

“If it gives added value to the country, maybe what we can develop in the future is tin chemical. Then, for example, if it is implemented, and we want to go downstream, of course we need to provide investment facilities, land infrastructure, tax holidays, easy funding and others,” he explained.

Tin chemical is a tin metal derivative product that is mixed with chemicals for the production of plastic, PVC, and the like.


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