Arsari Tambang eyes bagging Gold PROPER from KLHK in 2025

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Arsari Tambang, through PT Mitra Stania Prima (MSP Smelter), targets attaining the Gold ranking in the Public Disclosure Program for Environmental Compliance (PROPER) from Indonesia’s Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) in 2025.

“As a group of companies that are closely related to the environment, Arsari Tambang is responsible and committed to consistently maintaining and managing the balance of preserving the natural environment,” PT MSP Smelter Director Harwendro Adityo Dewanto noted in a statement received in Jakarta, Friday.

PROPER is a form of the government’s policy to improve companies’ environmental management performance.

PT MSP Smelter Director Dewanto affirmed that PROPER is not a substitute for conventional compliance instruments but is complementary and synergizes with other compliance instruments.

He highlighted that the target is a form of the company’s commitment and consistency towards environmental conservation and natural resource management based on community welfare.

He explained that in order to achieve this, MSP Smelter runs a series of awareness programs, conducts better environmental management, and carries out sustainable community development efforts.

These include conducting environmental conservation awareness programs through forest reforestation, watershed rehabilitation, coral reef recovery, and community empowerment development (PPM).

He said the company’s successful programs include restoring forest sustainability through a watershed rehabilitation program in the Sembulan River Production Forest Area, Kerakas Village, Sungaiselan Sub-District, Central Bangka District. In addition, it runs an environmentally friendly charcoal and essential oil (broom-sweep plant) making program.

The company also runs a sea reclamation program using its operational waste that is not categorized as hazardous and toxic raw materials (B3), or non-B3, namely fire bricks in Bangka District.

“This fire brick is made into an anchor that is part of an artificial coral reef to become a fish house or fish FAD,” Dewanto explained.

For the education sector, Arsari Tambang consistently supports the development of education in Bangka Belitung Islands Province. A concrete example is the signing of a cooperation agreement (PKS) with two universities, namely the University of Bangka Belitung and Politeknik Manufaktur (Polman) Babel.

“The various efforts include controlling water pollution, controlling air pollution, managing hazardous and toxic waste, and controlling seawater pollution and potential land damage,” he stated.

The various programs of community empowerment development (PPM) have been implemented in the 2022-2023 period. These include the construction of a mosque in Penyusuk Belinyu Village, construction of an auxiliary health center, construction of a Qur’an Reading Park in Parit Pekir Sungailiat, the delivery of container boxes for MSMEs in Belinyu, construction of an ablution place at the Al Uswah Mosque in Parit Pekir Sungailiat, construction of essential oil refining facilities, and support for Mapur Assalam MSMEs in Mapur Village.

Moreover, assistance for packaging machine tools for Belangkas Berseri MSMEs in Belo Laut Village, West Bangka; laboratory equipment for SMAN 1 Sungailiat; Oxygen Plus Regulator assistance to the Bangka District Government; and Educational Scholarship assistance to SMPN 2 Sungaiselan students, among others, have been provided.




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